Anxiety and the Mysteries of Grief

When you have anxiety, most major life events come along with a "flare up," especially if you're unprepared. This year, I've been dealing with a completely different kind of change - the loss of my Dad.


Anxiety at Work, or, ‘Does My Boss Think I’m Crazy?’

As I've stated in previous posts, I firmly believe I've been dealing with an anxiety disorder most of my life, even though my diagnosis of anxiety and panic disorder did not come until my 20s. However, until I graduated from college and began working "real" jobs (I worked in customer service for many years before graduating), I never understood how big of a hurdle my anxiety would be in the workplace.

A New Perspective on Women in Tech

A common theme in news today is the plight of women in tech - how many women are earning STEM degrees, what percentage of jobs they hold in technical fields (which has steadily dropped over the past 20+ years), what their pay is compared to their male counterparts. While these statistics and insights are incredibly important in understanding that we still have a glass ceiling to overcome (specifically in the US), an often overlooked perspective of "women in tech" is the woman that works in the tech industry or for a tech company, but does not have a technical job/degree.

I Feel Like A Fake: On Body Image and Practicing What You Preach

Both on this blog and in everyday life, I talk a lot about health and wellness. Not always directly, but it comes up. I have done many a diet, tried various forms of exercise, and have, for the past few years, been pretty focused (admittedly, on and off) on losing weight and living a healthier life. Unfortunately, as is sometimes the case with mental illness, I do not always practice what I preach.